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Wedding Farmers based in Wimberley, TX.

Who We Are

We are Wedding Farmers

We love farm and country weddings because we know every wedding on our farm is as unique and beautiful as the bride and groom. Our Pavilion, Gazebos and wedding yard has everything you need already in place so that you can have fun cultivating your original wedding ideas. You can add as little or go over the top and if you be patient and innovative it will all come together quite naturally. Isn’t it nice to know you don’t have to be perfect. Think of your ideal wedding day as home grown and from the heart filled with the family and friends who have come to celebrate this treasured day.

Country weddings and fresh vintage is about all kinds of beloved cool stuff like vintage garden signs, seed packets, watering cans, terra cotta pots, whiskey barrels, old black and white photos and family snapshots hung in the trees. Forget about here comes the bride, what about here comes the love of your life? Our wedding packages offer complimentary wedding stays so that you can plan your unique wedding landscape. In addition, our generous wedding packages allow you and a few friends to assemble your country fresh food, flea market treasures, and family heirlooms. We are the Wedding Farmers, we have planted the seeds and look forward to your amazing harvest.